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February 20, 2021

Has your snoring earned you the nickname “lumberjack?” If blaring noises are messing with sleep cycles in your home, why not try these doctor-recommended remedies to help silence your snooze?

1. Strengthening Exercises – Sometimes snoring is caused by weak tongue and throat muscles. To strengthen them, put your tongue tip on the roof of your mouth and make a fast tsk-tsk sound a few times a day.

2. Nasal Strips – Adhesive bands placed in the center of the nasal ridge draw the nasal passages apart, counteracting a key cause of snoring: passageway obstruction.

3. Positional-Therapy Pillows – 54% of snorers only do so when on their backs because, in this position, the tongue blocks the airway and causes tissues to vibrate. Pillows that have a groove to cradle your head allow you to lie comfortably on your side and breathe quietly.

4. Oral Devices – With an 80% success rate, plastic-bound mouthpieces clip onto your teeth and position the jaw forward to keep the soft tissue in the back of your throat from blocking the airway while you sleep.

5. Surgery – If you have a structural obstruction, such as enlarged tonsils, nasal polyps or a soft palate (which an ENT doctor can determine), surgery may be the solution. The catch? A lengthy and painful recovery.