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January 30, 2021

Just because there’s a bite in the air doesn’t mean there has to be one taken out of your wallet. Making just a few small changes to your home for the winter can keep you from overspending on utilities all season long:

• Inspect and repair all insulation. Heat rises, which means all that warm air that keeps you comfortable eventually makes its way into the attic. A properly insulated attic could save you money over the course of a single winter season.

• Keep cold air out. If past winters have found you routinely turning up the heat, you have cracks, gaps, or holes that are letting cold air in. Fixing these cracks is inexpensive, and this helps with the heating season.

• Keep warm air in. You can easily keep the warm air you’re paying for in with inexpensive caulking or simply installing new outlet plates and making sure they are snug to the wall.

• Inspect and moderate your heating system. Homeowners often fail to have their heating systems inspected, which results into higher heating bills thanks to dirty heating ducts and old filters. Once these items are cleaned and replaced, you can reap results almost immediately in energy savings. Give us a call and we’ll take care of you and your system so you can start enjoying seasonal savings.