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by resultsbuilder


November 28, 2020

Who doesn’t love a puppy or a kitty? Even with such hard-to-resist furry faces, it’s important to remember that pets can’t always keep all the safety precautions straight.

Puppies don’t know the signs for poison, can’t remember that you don’t want the trash strewn across the room, and forget about that chewing thing that seems to annoy otherwise friendly owners. And kittens nose around in their people’s business as if they have never heard the phrase, “Curiosity killed the cat.”

Fortunately for pet and human, the American Humane Association suggests some helpful ways to “pet-proof” your home. These include:

• Use childproof latches to keep little paws from prying open cabinets.

• Place medications, cleaners, chemicals, and laundry supplies on high shelves. Also, keep medications, lotions or cosmetics off accessible surfaces (like the bedside table).

• Keep trash cans covered or inside a latched cabinet.

• Check for and block any small spaces, nooks, or holes inside cabinets or behind washer/dryer units.

• Keep foods out of reach (even if the food isn’t harmful, the wrapper could be).

• Keep the toilet lid closed to prevent drowning or drinking of harmful cleaning chemicals.

• Put away children’s toys and games in common areas.

• Move house plants that may be poisonous out of reach. Don’t forget hanging plants that can be jumped onto from nearby surfaces.

• Make sure all heating/air vents have covers.

• Put away all sewing and craft notions, especially thread.

• Keep laundry and shoes behind closed doors (drawstrings and buttons can cause major problems if swallowed).

• Move electrical and phone wires out of reach of chewing.

• Be careful that you don’t close your kitten in closets or dresser drawers.