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January 7, 2021

Warm weather may be over but there’s still plenty to do to get your lawn ready for the months of shorter days and lower temperatures…

Less Is More

OK, first things first: clean up the yard. Sure, many people feel that leaves add to their lawn’s seasonal and aesthetic appeal. But the truth is leaves that aren’t raked can actually suffocate the grass beneath.

Keep Evergreens Green

Ever notice how your evergreens tend to brown once spring comes around? It’s because of a process known as desiccation.

Basically, the trees dry out over the winter because of sun and wind exposure. And since the ground is cold, the trees can’t get that lost moisture back. To help, wait as long as you can before giving them one last heavy watering for the season.

Baby Your Trees

Sunscald can occur when the temperature fluctuates quickly. This often happens on those random days in winter when the temperature might be warm in the sun during the day but returns to sub-freezing once the sun goes down at night. Newly planted trees can be protected from this by wrapping their trunks in burlap or plastic wraps – just check your local lawn care or hardware store.