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by resultsbuilder


December 8, 2020

Your doors and windows are shut. Yet, you just have this feeling that something else is lurking inside. Maybe it brushes up against your shoulders and gives you the chills. It’s time to check to see if a draft is flowing through your house attacking your warm, comfy air.

Take a lit candle and place it along each windowsill and baseboard. If it flickers, you’ve got a draft. Here’s what to do to help increase energy-efficiency by eliminating each draft one step at a time:

1. Clean and dry the baseboards with a paper towel.

2. Use white or clear paintable caulking to fill in the gaps between the trim and the floor.

3. Smooth out the caulking with a wet finger.

4. Get rid of the remains with a damp cloth.

5. Place weather stripping around the frames of your windows and doors to really seal-up tight.